I am the creator of the comic Restless, or L-innsikt in Norwegian. Restless is a comic strip made for people with messy desks and big dreams, focusing on narrating the societal problems of today through the lense of the young. 
The Norwegian edition is being published in several national and local newspapers, and has seen great success along Norwegian youth, with people printing strips and taping them to their PCs to protest against injustice at school, commenting and following the comic on social media and sharing the comics to their own profiles. The comic has been called the future of Norwegian comic strips by famous strip creator Therese Eide, and it has landed several deals with different publishing houses. 
Internationally, the series are new to the market and is building on TikTok. Several strips have gone viral, and there are hints of interest in the art style and humor. The comic has been officially translated since April 2023.
Business inquiries or personal questions are always welcome! 
You can contact me through my E-mail: 
Contact: Linneielsen@hotmail.com
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